Here are three simple steps that you guys can make to improve your nutrition and live an overall healthier lifestyle:

1) Prepare food for the week ahead. Cooking your meals in bulk will help you have food ready and on hand when you have a busy day ahead! This way you wont be left with the issue of either skipping meals, or finding yourself hungry with nothing on hand!

2) Always reach for the better option. Let’s say you can either grab a bag of chips or a protein bar, grab the protein bar! It’s a source of protein and you will ultimately feel more full from a protein bar rather than a bag of chips that will most likely still leave you hungry.

3) At the end of the day, intuitive eating may not be for everyone and not one specific diet will not work for everyone. Being self aware about what works specifically for you and your body is huge. Maybe you are someone who likes structure, this is where I would recommend counting calories and macros in order for you to stay on top of your nutrient and understand what is in the foods you are consuming. If you are someone who feels that kind of structure would stress you out worrying about numbers I would recommend eating intuitively while still being aware of the foods you are eating and portion control.

At the end of the day, we are all striving to find a diet/ eating approach that fits our lifestyle and allows us to still feel like we have freedom when it comes to food. Finding the correct diet/ nutritional plan isn’t always going to be easy and we have to understand that we may have to try multiple approach’s in order for us to find the one that works best! Once we accept that this is a process of trial and error, we then can shift our mindset from trying to find the “quick fix” to forever trusting the process of a life long fitness journey.